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GT-LITE® Stealth Compact Tactical Flashlight


The Stealth is a compact tactical flashlight.

– Uses Cree XP-R2 LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
– 3 Modes: 100%, 30% and strobe
– Total reflection lens delivers soft and bright flood light
– Tactical tail switch
– Weatherproof
– High-efficiency total reflection lens
– Easy clip-on
– 1 AA battery

Product Description

The GT-LITE Stealth is another in our line of small, compact tactical flashlight that lives up to its namesake. This flashlight is so small, it can fit in your pocket, purse or backpack for easy access. It utilize a Cree XP-R2 LED, offering you three modes, including a low 30-lumen mode that makes it easy for your eyes to adjust to the light quicker.

More About the GT-LITE Stealth

The Stealth tactical flashlight features a clip-on, allowing you to store it on your belt loop, or on the outside of a pocket for easy access. This is the perfect flashlight for a bouncer or police officer who may need light quickly to check an ID, sobriety or something in between. Our Stealth flashlight utilizes a single AA battery, making it lightweight in addition to being compact.

While the GT-LITE Stealth tactical flashlight features three modes, its 30-lumen mode is the best feature for functionality with this light. 30-lumens allows for easy adjustment going from pitch black to having a light to use to guide your way. This makes it safer to get used to being in the dark than having a bright light leading your way. For campers, hikers or those who walk the dog at night, the Stealth is the perfect accessory to have on hand when the going gets dark.

The Stealth features our tactical tail switch design that makes it easy to switch between 100 percent, 30 percent and emergency strobe mode. For such a small flashlight, this makes it even more functional when you may not want to alert someone you’re holding it in your hand. The Stealth lives up to its name, and it provides the low light you need when a larger flashlight isn’t necessary.

If you’re looking for a compact, functional tactical flashlight that can be used in every situation imaginable for an affordable price, look no further than the GT-LITE Stealth. Our Stealth flashlight can be used indoors and out, no matter the situation without disorientating you in the dark with a bright, harsh light. The Stealth is one of the best fully functional flashlights at this size for its price you’ll find anywhere on the market.


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