GT-LITE® OutLamp LED Headlights


Looking for a headlamp? OutLamp is it!

– Includes Cree R2 LED
– 150-lumen light beam
– 100 meter reach
– Zoomable lens
– High-grade aluminum body
– Up to 3 hours of continuous light
– Includes 3 AAA batteries

Product Description

LED headlights are all the rage. Whether you’re camping, hiking or just taking the dog for a walk, headlamps are multi-purpose flashlights you wear on your head. While you may think they look dorky or uncool, they come in handy in a variety of situations, even when the power goes out of at home and you have no candles to light the way. The GT-LITE OutLamp is the next evolution of headlamp.

More About the GT-LITE OutLamp

The GT-LITE OutLamp features a Cree XP-Q5 LED, offering over 50,000 hours of use at 150-lumens. This headlamp packs a lot of punch for its size, giving you the lighting options you need no matter the situation. The headlamp itself is made of high-grade aluminum and comes with an adjustable head, allowing you to quickly shift the focus of light where you need in the most.

The LED headlights OutLamp takes advantage of zoom, allowing you to focus light more directly which can come in handy when you’re outdoors and don’t want a sweeping night to disturb neighbors or alert animals of your presence. With a 100-meter range, this headlamp can guide you where you need to go no matter the conditions you’re dealing with.

When wearing the OutLamp, you’ll notice its unique design makes for a superior headlamp experience. By taking advantage of the zoom feature on the headlamp, you can get focused light in situations where it makes a difference. Most headlamps give you a sweeping light, which can make it hard to focus in on what matters the most. When hiking or camping, a focused light can make it safer to get to and fro.

A headlamp needs to be lightweight and fully functional. The OutLamp is designed to sit comfortable on your head, utilizing three AAA batteries in the rear coupled with the unique zoom lens allows you full function and a comfortable experience. When you’re outdoors looking for your path, you need to rely on the headlamp you choose and the OutLamp is the only headlamp you’ll need again.


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