GT-LITE® Night Sweeper CREE LED lights


The Night Sweeper isn’t your average flashlight.

– Uses Cree XP-R2 LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
– 3 Modes: 100%0, 30% and strobe
– Total reflection lens delivers soft and bright flood light
– Tactical tail switch
– Weather proof
– High-efficiency total reflection lens
– Includes 2 pcs CR123 Lithium battery
– Compatible with 1 pc 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery

Product Description

The GT-LITE Night Sweeper isn’t your average led lights. Its packs a big punch for being such a small led light. The Night Sweeper brings you three modes you can use in a variety of situations. Its 250-lumen high-power mode gives you a bright light that you can reduce down and couple with an emergency strobe. For such a small flashlight, you might not be convinced it lives up to its bright standards, but it does. It goes above and beyond them.

More About the GT-LITE Night Sweeper

The Night Sweeper is made out of a military grade aluminum, making it feel powerful when held despite its small size. It utilizes a micro-textured precision reflector to create a smooth beam of light no matter the conditions indoors or outdoors. Its design makes it easy to carry in a purse, pocket or around your neck, along with being able to pull it out in a moment’s notice to get the light you need in the dark.

The GT-LITE Night Sweeper has up to 50,000 hours of lifetime light. It can be used with a rechargeable battery purchased separately, so you can keep it charged and in use all night long. The Night Sweeper features a Cree XPE R2 LED, which allows this small tactical flashlight to produce a brilliant, bright light rivaling most other flashlights on the market.

The Night Sweeper is perfect for just about anyone looking for the utility of a compact flashlight. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, you don’t have to worry about dragging around a clunky, large flashlight with you. If you’re a bouncer, police office or firefighter, having a small flashlight like the Night Sweeper can make your job easier.

Whether you’re checking IDs at the door of a club, need a small light to clear corners or want something to carry in your pocket, the Night Sweeper is the only flashlight you’ll ever need to carry on the go again. The Night Sweeper can easily save your night, even on the darkest of days.


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