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GT-LITE® Tactical flashlight set- FlashCombo1200


What flashlight kit comes with a 1200-lumen light and the accessories you need? Ours does!

– 1200-lumen rechargeable flashlight
– AC adapter, DC car charger and USB cable included
– Tactical tail pressure switch
– Rail/Barrel dual function gun mount

Product Description

Buying a flashlight for use when camping or hunting can be daunting. Rarely do you get everything you need for the task at hand upfront. You have to buy multiple accessories to get the whole package. No longer! GT-LITE’s FlashCombos make it easy for you to get the flashlight you need, along with the accessories you want, in one package.

More About the FlashCombo 1200

The FlashCombo 1200 comes with a 1200-lumen tactical flashlight featuring a Cree XP-T6 LED with up to 50,000 lifetime hours of use. It comes with an AC wall charger, DC car charger, extension switch with pressure trigger and a rail/barrel dual function gun mount, giving you everything you need to get started out of the box. How many other tactical flashlights come bundled like this?

The FlashCombo 1200 tactical flashlight can last up to three hours when fully charged, giving you plenty of light whether you’re a hunter, fisher, camper, hiking or someone in between. Whether you need to use this flashlight at home, in the car or when exploring the great outdoors, you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to charge it up, keep it charged and use it when you need it the most.

One of the biggest functionality benefits of the FlashCombo 1200 is its extension pressure switch that comes with the FlashCombo. It lets you turn the flashlight on and off from a short distance, which comes in handy especially when mounted to a gun. This helps you stay covered, but it still gives you the light you need or the ability to turn it off without moving.

When looking for a tactical flashlight you can use anywhere and on the move, you’re looking for functionality and the accessories that make it possible. The FlashCombo 1200 is that tactical flashlight accessory pack you can’t live without.


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